why us

We help you design the home you want.

We are dedicated to exceed your requirements, we build amazing extensions as we are delighted to see you and your family in the new space.

With a large, Midlands based factory where all items are fully tailor made to each customers requirements, ‘Kitchens by Woodlands’ are the obvious choice when it comes to kitchen refurbishments. There’s almost nothing that ‘Woodlands’ can’t do!

We work with you to help you plan the home you are looking for and then select the best specialist tradesmen from our pan-European team to ensure you get the final finish you as looking for, tailored to your individual needs & budget.

We will work for you to source local & international materials to ensure you get your dream home at the best possible price.

We are fully regulated and insured.

All services in one place

The specialists who will handle your renovation project are 100% insured, experienced building specialists who will deliver you marketable results in a short period of time. The team bring all the necessary tools and equipment to complete your project. From screwdrivers and ladders to all kinds of power tools, they’ve got the means and know-how to finish your project on time.

  • Home refurbishment
  • Kitchen refurbishment
  • Bathroom refurbishment
  • Time-saving and efficient workmanship
  • Fair pricing policy based on your individual requirements
  • Supplying and using materials of top quality
  • Amazing results through dedication and multi-level quality control

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  • +44 (0)2476 599 277
  • info@kitchensbywoodlands.co.uk
  • CV1 Coventry, United Kigdom