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Our vision

When the doors of your kitchen cabinets fall off their hinges, when not a single appliance seems to work as intended, when your sinks are constantly clogged, and when the cheerful colours of your walls have long since faded… you know it’s time for an upgrade. 

If you’re looking for a simple worktop or cupboards refurbishment or need a comprehensive kitchen restoration, ‘Kitchens by Woodlands’ will always be nearby to take care of everything. 

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About Us

‘Kitchens by Woodlands’ specialise in kitchen refurbishments across a large section of the UK, including Coventry, Birmingham, all major cities plus many more regions. So call now to find out what’Woodlands’ can do for you!

With a large, Midlands based factory where all items are fully tailor made to each customers requirements, ‘Woodlands’ are the obvious choice when it comes to kitchen refurbishments. There’s almost nothing that ‘Woodlands’ can’t do!

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Studio Apartments Transformation

These small homes are full of ideas to steal if you live in a studio apartment. We have changed not only the layout of the spaces but the aesthetics, as well. The goal is always a clean, uncluttered and modern look that brings more light and life into a space.

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Kitchen Transformation

The kitchen is increasingly becoming the heart of the home so it’s vital to take your time & get it right. No matter what the quality of your kitchen, we will work with you to design & either fit your new needs. 

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Bathroom Transformation​

The bathroom is an essential part of the home, it is not only somewhere to get clean but also somewhere to dream. Our attention to detail will give you a place you want to be and either prepare for the day ahead or unwind once it’s all over.

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At ‘Kitchens by Woodlands’ we are more than just builders, we are committed to constructing excellence.


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Leave us a note and we will invite you on our comfortable couch to discuss your ideas!

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